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Testimonials from clients include:

  • The overwhelming response of the family has been one of great joy and excitement. Through your efforts, children and grandchildren of divorce were able to reunite with half-siblings and half-cousins - people they had been trying to find for ages! (Mary M.)
  • What a wonderful thing to be able to put her in contact with her first cousins! She is thrilled. I never in my wildest dreams thought that there might be this kind of human contact benefit! Your research has given a woman who was orphaned at age 12 a whole new family she never knew about! (Mary M.)
  • Your service was most professional and I will recommend you to anyone researching Qld. (Anne H.)
  • If you ever need a recommendation from a client, feel free to give out my email or contact details. (Graeme P.)
  • Thanks so much for the wealth of info. I am absolutely delighted with the results. (Donna B.)
  • I am delighted at what you've discovered. Please continue as you suggested. (Bronwyn C.)
  • I would certainly like you to go ahead. I'm delighted with what you've found so far! (Frances H.)
  • You enabled me to make contact with my long-lost cousins in Australia. I am very grateful for all you did to bring us together and fill in some of the missing gaps. (Simon H.)
  • Delighted by your can-do approach, and looking forward to your next installment. (Will M.)
  • Delighted with news you have found a will file that contains her death certificate. We could not have obtained that any other way because we could not prove our relationship to her. (Heather M.)
  • We are very grateful for your help and delighted with what you have sent. (Claire R.)
  • I am delighted with the information you have found and especially grateful that you managed to achieve it all in spite of hard times. (J.R.)
  • I am absolutely delighted that you have been able to find a living relative in Australia. I know how excited my mum will be. (Christina W.)
  • I am amazed at the detail you have been able to find. My business mind tells me you have provided me with excellent value... more positive results than I really believed were obtainable. (Neil D.)