These pages are in memory of my mother, Beryl Gladys WEBSTER nee STEINKE, whose ancestors emigrated from Germany and Prussia to Queensland, Australia, in the 1800s. Names include STEINKE, RIENECKER / REINECKER, HAHN, JORGENSEN, KLIBBE, KOY, NAUMANN, SCHIMKE. Details of living people have been suppressed to protect their privacy.

This is a 'work in progress', and there will be some errors. Many entries are based on anecdotal evidence and need to be verified. Only selected details are shown here, but I am willing to share more details, photos and full source references with anyone who is researching these families. Additions and corrections are welcome, but please explain from what sources you obtained your facts.

As Elizabeth Shown Mills says in "Evidence! Citation and Analysis for the Family Historian" (Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1997), "Genealogical research - well done - requires a critical approach to knowledge. Answers to questions can seldom be 'looked up' in books. Even when we find needed answers there, they often contradict each other. If no conflict is apparent, we are still expected to verify those published facts."

Thank you to those who have already contributed. Please keep the information coming! To ensure that future generations have access to a reliable family tree, we need to encourage an exchange of information and ensure the long-term preservation of our data; but we must also observe privacy and copyright laws. You may use information shown here for your own private research, provided that you quote my source references in full and mention 'Judy Webster's Website'; but please ask my permission (my contact details are below) before reproducing any portion of this material in electronic, printed, or any other format.

Many 'new' relatives have found me via my entries at Curious Fox (a town/village-based message system for Britain) and LostCousins and my family tree at Rootsweb's WorldConnect. These are all good places to advertise your research interests.