To ensure that future generations have access to a reliable family tree, we need to encourage an exchange of information and ensure the long-term preservation of our data; but we must also observe privacy and copyright laws.

  • I will NOT reveal your address or other details to anyone without your permission.
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  • When you add historical data or photos to this family tree, I will acknowledge you as the source (or, if you prefer, your contribution can be anonymous).
  • You may use information shown here for your own PRIVATE records, provided that you show the source for each fact as 'Judy Webster's website'; but this site is copyright, so ask my permission before reproducing any part of it in print or online (including trees on Ancestry or elsewhere).
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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the address shown below.

Many relatives have contacted me via my entries at Curious Fox (a town/village-based message system), LostCousins, and my postems on FreeBMD. I encourage you to submit information to those sites (links open in new windows). If you can upload a GEDCOM file, I recommend that you do so (free) at Findmypast and at Rootsweb's WorldConnect where you can control what people do with your data.

Judy Webster