To ensure that future generations have access to a reliable family tree, we need to encourage an exchange of information and ensure the long-term preservation of our data; but we must also observe privacy and copyright laws.

  • I will NOT reveal your address or other details to anyone without your permission.
  • I will NOT publish personal details of any living person on the Internet or elsewhere.
  • When you add historical data or photos to this family tree, I will acknowledge you as the source (or, if you prefer, your contribution can be anonymous).
  • You may use information on this site for your own private research, provided that you quote my source references in full and mention 'Judy Webster's Website'.
  • Please ask my permission (my contact details are below) before reproducing any portion of this material in electronic, printed or any other format.
  • To prevent junk mail, please do NOT reveal my email address on the Internet, message boards, mailing lists or newsgroups. Instead, refer people to my Web site, where my email address appears as an image.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Many 'new' relatives have found me via my entries at Curious Fox (a town/village-based message system for Britain) and LostCousins and my family tree at Rootsweb's WorldConnect. These are all good places to advertise your research interests - but some other Web sites will sell your data or charge people to view it. Before submitting data to any site, check its privacy policy and terms/conditions.

Judy Webster