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Miscellaneous Australian Certificates Index

Have you ever applied for a certificate and discovered, when it arrived, that it wasn't for your family? My Miscellaneous Australian Certificates Index ('Unrelated Certificates Index'), established in the early 1980s, was the first of its kind in this country. It provided a single nation-wide collection point for unwanted Australian certificates. Unlike some other collections, this one indexes EVERY name on a certificate, and a one-letter code indicates whether the person was the bride, groom, person born or baptised, or the deceased - or someone else (a relative, witness, undertaker, minister of religion, doctor, midwife, district registrar etc.)

More than 990 certificates have already been indexed (10,000 names). The names will be added to my Web site in stages, and Part 1 is already here.

Benefits of the Miscellaneous Australian Certificates Index

Indexes available and in progress

This is a an on-going project, and the index will be placed on my Web site in stages.

To find out when Parts 2-7 of the index are available, watch for announcements on What's New or in my free newsletter.

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Why I use and recommend Findmypast

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