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Why I use and recommend FindMyPast

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My genealogy sites

This main site has over 130 pages with genealogy advice and 53,000 names from my indexes to archival records. For additional advice and names, see my other sites (links open in new windows, and discounts / freebies are on sites marked with an asterisk):

  1. Queensland Genealogy  (articles about sources, problem-solving techniques, interesting items at Qld State Archives and elsewhere, and specific individuals mentioned in unexpected sources)

  2. UK / Australia Genealogy  (sources and research strategies for genealogy in the United Kingdom and/or Australia, plus references to specific individuals)

  3. Genealogy Leftovers  (tips for family historians worldwide, including Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa etc)

  4. Jottings, Journeys and Genealogy  (about my own family history, my travels and my everyday life)

  5. Yorkshire Genealogy  (tips about sources, plus specific references to Yorkshire-born folk, some of whom emigrated)

  6. * Twitter (you can read my genealogy tips here without joining Twitter - just close the little pop-up window)

  7. * Facebook page,  'Judy Webster - Queensland Genealogy' (you can read my tips here without joining Facebook)

  8. WorldWide Genealogy - a Genealogical Collaboration  (a few other articles with worldwide relevance)

  9. Updates Genie  ('newsletter' with local and international genealogy news)

  10. Outback Story  (historical account of outback Queensland, based on oral history interviews)

  11. Google Plus

  12. 'Genealogists for Families' project (please join us!)

Search this site  (in alphabetical lists here, SURNAME in uppercase is first, followed by Given Name):

Name Variations: Tips and Tricks.

Why I use and recommend FindMyPast (Australia / NZ, UK, Ireland, USA)

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