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Judy Webster's genealogy tips & indexes for local, interstate & overseas folk in Queensland's historical records
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Indexes to historical records & other sources for genealogy

I index historical records (especially unusual sources that are superb for genealogical problem solving) and I list the names on this Web site. It already has over 57,000 names of people who were in Queensland, other parts of Australia and overseas, and thousands more will be added.

Links below lead to lists of names and many source descriptions. Each page with names explains my copying service for that source.

You can also search my entire site (more than 140 pages) by entering a word in the search box.

My indexes to original historical records

  • Neglected Children (plus orphans for whom there is information in sources other than orphanage records). Many children were sent to an orphanage when at least one parent was still alive.

  • Missing Friends records.  People sought (for many reasons) by relatives or friends; runaway children; eloping daughters; wife/child deserters; absconders from reformatories or from employment; missing beneficiaries of wills; suspected bigamists; etc. The records have historical background, biographical details and/or physical descriptions. Most give the enquirer's name/address, and many say when/where the subject was found or last seen. Superb for family history!

  • Photos and sketches of people from historical records that include biographical or other details.

  • Mental asylum records.  Look here for people who 'vanished', patients with depression, head injury, epilepsy, alcoholism, congenital defects etc. Some records have superb details about patient's relatives. I've indexed several different series of insanity files; casebooks; Colonial Secretary's in-letters; Annual Reports; etc. Other types of asylum records are currently being indexed. (More names were added Dec 2017.)

  • Hospital admission registers.  Often more accurate and more useful than certificates. Sometimes the only surviving source of immigration details. Lots of biographical data for local, interstate and overseas folk. (More names were added Oct 2017.)

  • Old age pension records.  Applicants granted a pension, and some who were rejected for being under age or other reasons. Gives place of residence for many people who were not on electoral rolls.

  • Illegitimate children whose father is named in an original document but not on the birth certificate.

  • Police Gazettes.  Friends and relatives sought, missing persons, alleged offenders, prisoners, wife/child/ship deserters, victims of crime, etc. Many Police Gazette notices include a detailed physical description or a photograph.

  • Police station watchhouse records.  People arrested and victims of crime (including 'neglected children').

  • Prison records.  Many give ship of arrival, physical description etc.

  • Maintenance payments to deserted wives, children and illegitimate children.

  • Undertakings re fares. Files re travel by rail or ship (mainly interstate but some international).

  • Women granted protection orders, 1888-1904.

  • Dentists and dental apprentices.  Includes women.

  • Nurses and masseurs (male & female).

  • Cooktown residents who signed a petition in 1874. The original document has their signatures.

  • Cooktown Boys' School admission register.

  • 'Interim Index'.  Selected names from many sources (Court records, Police correspondence, Grammar School records, etc.)

  • Indexes in progress (click this button to be notified):

    • Insanity files for surnames W - Z.
    • More hospital records.
    • More prison records.
    • Various other sources.

My indexes to other sources (cemeteries, certificates etc)

Other Suggestions

Other published and unpublished indexes.

Specialist Indexes in Australia: a genealogist's guide.

My other genealogy sites have more advice and names.

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Ad revenue is donated to charity

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