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Judy Webster

Working as a professional genealogist since 1986.

Graduate Diploma in Local and Applied History (University of New England, Armidale NSW).

Accredited by the Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents.

Founder and coordinator of the 'Genealogists for Families' project.

Queensland Family History Society's Award for Services to Family History.

Queensland State Archives records are my speciality. I particularly enjoy working with unusual sources that overcome 'dead ends' in family history.

Experienced in tracing living descendants in Queensland. (See testimonials from my clients.)

My genealogy publications include guides and indexes and conference papers and journal / magazine articles.

I share tips on genealogy sources and strategies via this Web site and my genealogy blogsTwitterFacebook and Google Plus.

How to contact me:

  • If you think we are related, use the email address near my surnames list.

  • For research or copying services, follow the instructions on the page where you found a name, or on my Research Services page.

  • Other questions: Check whether the answer to your question is on this site (use the search box above) or in one of my publications or genealogy blogs.

  • Postal address:  Judy Webster, PO Box 5043, Algester QLD 4115, Australia.

  • Hotmail and certain Internet Service Providers occasionally reject mail from my address. If you do not receive a reply to an enquiry, check your spam folder, contact me again from a different email address, or write a letter to my postal address. Allow up to 8 weeks for a reply, as I may be away.

  • E-mail:  My email address may change, so do not quote my address - just refer people to www.judywebster.com.au for current details. I am often away (with only a slow Internet connection) so check with me before sending email attachments.

    1. Business email: Image of email address (shown as an image)

    2. If your email bounces back as undeliverable, an alternative address is Image of alternative email address (shown as an image)

My telephone number is unlisted for personal and family reasons.

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