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Consultations with Judy Webster, professional genealogist

On my next trip to North Queensland I will again be available for a limited number of 'one-on-one genealogy consultations'.  This time I will be at Innisfail only, but people are coming from as far away as Townsville.  There are still several time-slots available between 31st March & 4th April 2014.

What to expect

A friendly, informal session in which you can ask questions about any aspect of family history research, and note my suggestions for sources and strategies.  If I don't know the answer, I can probably direct you to someone who does.  My main area of expertise is Queensland (including unusual Archives records that are superb for solving problems), but I have also done personal research in NSW, Victoria and England (especially London and Yorkshire), and I have some knowledge for other States, counties and countries.  You are welcome to check my credentials.

What to bring


  • Notebook and pen.
  • List of specific questions, with names, dates and places.

Optional but advisable:

  • Pedigree chart (PDF file opens in a new window).
  • Family group sheets (PDF file opens in a new window) for people about whom you will ask.
  • Photocopies of relevant certificates.
  • Photocopies of other documents relevant to your questions.
  • Details of sources already used.

What it costs

$20 (payable at the time of booking) for a 50-minute session for one or two people. This is a massive saving compared to the hourly rate that I normally charge as a professional genealogist.

Cancellation policy

If you cancel by phoning me no later than 6pm on the day before your time-slot, the booking fee will be refunded (less PayPal fees if applicable). There is no refund for late cancellations, late arrivals or 'no-shows'.

How to book

  1. Email me at Image of email address (address shown as an image) and say that you want to book a consultation at Innisfail, and list the days and times (between 31st March & 4th April 2014) that would suit you.

  2. I will let you know which of those time-slots are still available.

  3. If you ask for one of those time-slots, I will tell you how to pay by PayPal or by EFT or in-branch deposit to my bank account. Your booking will then be reserved for 48 hours while you arrange payment.

  4. When you have paid, I will confirm the booking and tell you the venue (a coffee shop) and how to contact me if you need to cancel.
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Other Suggestions

My other genealogy sites have more advice, and more names from records in archives.

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