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Dentists and Dental Apprentices (Qld)

Family historians who are researching a dentist will find useful records at Qld State Archives, including:

  • List of dental apprentices and the dentists who employed them, 1917-1925.
  • Files on individual dentists who had difficulty being recognised by the Qld Dental Board 1903-1927.

Dentists and their apprentices 1917-1925

The original list gives year, name of dental apprentice, town, dentist with whom he/she served, and remarks (usually number of years and date of commencement). For names listed below, I can order a copy of the original record. Dentists are marked 'employer'. The others are dental apprentices. 'Mc' names precede other M surnames.

ABRAHAMSS H  (employer)
AYLWARD Cecil William Norman

BRATH J H  (employer)
BUTLER WOOD - (Dr.)  (employer)
BUTLER WOOD F G (Dr.)  (employer)
Order copies

CALDER Gordon Thomas Fairfield
CAMERON Ronald John Douglas
CARY James Egerton
CLARKE Charles Ronald
COLWELL Edward Blackall
CRIBB John George (Jnr)
CRIBLY Joseph Baynes

DONNAN R S  (employer)
DOYLE Michael Joseph

EARNSHAW W E  (employer)
ENGLAND T D  (employer)
ENGLAND T D  (employer)

FRASER Evan Stuart
Order copies

GIBSON Thomas Egbert
GRUNTER O J  (employer)
Order copies

HANCOCK Alfred John
HARDY Edwin Arnold
HARDY Edwin Arnold
HEATHWOOD Lewis William
HEFFERNAN Francis Urban ?
HENSLEY V E A  (employer)
HENSLEY Vivian Ernest Andrew
HENSLEY Vivian Ernest Andrew
HOLLAND Oliver Charles
HUDGLEY Richard James
HUGHES C F  (employer)
HUGHES Leslie Albert
Order copies

JAMES Thelma Doris
JOHNSTON A D  (employer)

KEARNEY Donald Leo
KILDENTOFT William Henry
KNUDSON C W  (employer)

LECKY Wilfred Edmond Jeffir
LILLESTONE H E V  (employer)
Order copies

McCOMB H S  (employer)
McCOMB H T  (employer)
McCRAY William Hector
McGRATH T M  (employer)
McGRATH T M  (employer)
McKEE A  (employer)
McKEE Nancy Laureen
McLELLAND John Walch
McLELLAND W B  (employer)
McLELLAND W B  (employer)
McLOUGHLIN P  (employer)
McNAUGHT A N  (employer)
McNAUGHT A N  (employer)
McNAUGHT A N  (employer)
McNAUGHT J F  (employer)
Order copies

MALLAN T F  (employer)
MENZIES A R (Dr.)  (employer)
MENZIES J (Dr.)  (employer)
MESSER Hertford
MORAN H S T  (employer)
MUIR P A (Dr.)  (employer)
MUIR R A (Dr.)  (employer)
MURPHY Archibald John
Order copies

NAGEL Percy Vince
NASH V C  (employer)
NEILL T R  (employer)
NELSON C G E  (employer)
NOBLE Alexander Chanceller

OGILVIE T  (employer)
OGILVIE T H  (employer)
OLSON A F W  (employer)
OLSON Alban John
Order copies

PARKER W R  (employer)
PARKER W R  (employer)
PEARN James Owen
PENNYCUIK R S  (employer)
PORTER A E  (employer)
POTTINGER H W  (employer)
POTTINGER H W  (employer)
POTTINGER H W  (employer)
PRYOR Alice May

ROBINSON  Eric Stanley
ROBINSON S L  (employer)
ROBINSON Samuel Leslie
ROSS W D  (employer)
Order copies

SAGAR A H  (employer)
SAGAR A H  (employer)
SAPSFORD H A S  (employer)
SAPSFORD S F G  (employer)
SCHWABE E A  (employer)
SCOTT Reginald Ferguson
SCOTT Reginald Ferguson
SMITH Alfred McDonald
SMITH Alfred McDonald
SMITH Alfred McDonald
SNEESBY Cyril Joseph
STEPHENS T H  (employer)
SULLIVAN Vincent Noel
Order copies

TREMBATH A W  (employer)

WAINWRIGHT E R  (employer)
WAINWRIGHT E R P  (employer)
WAINWRIGHT E R P  (employer)
WALDBY David Joseph
WALKER - (Dr.)  (employer)
WARD J W  (employer)
WARD J W  (employer)
WARD Kenneth John
WHITE E M ? (Dr.)  (employer)
WILSON F A  (employer)
WOOD [see BUTLER WOOD]  (employer)
Order copies

Other suggestions

Copying service. Allow up to 8 weeks for a reply. I am often away for family reasons.

As a professional genealogist, I can supply a photocopy of the original document re dental apprentices and their employers 1917-1925.

* If you live in Australia: flat rate of $10 including postage, regardless of the number of names required.

* If you live overseas: flat rate of AUD$13 including postage, regardless of the number of names required.

$See the list of payment methods available (my address is on that page).

Other Suggestions

Files on individual dentists who had difficulty being recognised by the Dental Board, Queensland, 1903-1927 (Qld State Archives: COL/194-196). An index is in the Public Search Room at the Archives. These files usually include letters giving personal details.

My other genealogy sites have more advice, and more names from records in archives.

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