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Eulo Cemetery (Queensland)

Eulo is in far south-west Queensland, between Cunnamulla and Thargomindah. Access to the cemetery may depend on local road conditions. For family history, I have indexed all names on headstones on graves in the Eulo Cemetery up to 2006.

Explanation of names below:

  • Includes all names (the deceased and others mentioned) followed by a number that I assigned to the headstone.
  • I transcribed headstones that existed in 1985. Julie Dern kindly sent details of newer headstones up to 2006.
  • Obtain details from headstones.
SURNAME  Given Name - headstone number(s)

BURKE Richard - 2, 3
GEPPERT Donald Roy - 11
GEPPERT Robert Alexander - 8
GEPPERT Walter James - 12
HICKLING John Frank - 10
JONES Harry W - 6
JONES Harry William - 13
JONES Joyce Audrey (SMITH) - 13
McKELLAR Tony Noel - 5
PIKE Brian - 14
PIKE Florence Dulcie - 14
PIKE Ian - 14
PIKE Jack - 14
PIKE Jock - 14
PIKE Kenneth Henry - 15
REGOCY Bela - 7
SANDERS Peter John David - 5
SMITH Ian Franklin - 16
SMITH Joyce Audrey (see JONES) - 13
TRACEY Johanna - 1
TRACEY John - 1
TRACEY John Francis (Constable) - 1
TRACEY Mary - 1
TRACEY Patrick - 1
TRACEY Pauline - 1
TUITE Effie Eileen - 17
TUITE Ronald Maxwell - 17
TUITE William H - 4

Obtain details from headstones

Other suggestions

Copying service. Allow several weeks for a reply (I am often away).

Genealogy is my business (not just a hobby), so I charge fees for my time. Travelling to cemeteries, transcribing headstones, creating an index, consulting my index and sending you information all takes time/money.

If you want a full transcription of a headstone (I do not have photographs), the fee is $3 per headstone if I send it by email. If you want transcriptions sent by Australia Post, add $2.30 to the total. Tell me the headstone number from the list above. See how to send requests and payment (my email address is on that page).

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My other genealogy sites have additional advice and names.

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