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Why I use & recommend FindMyPast

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Genealogy Discounts and Freebies
When I hear about discounts and freebies for genealogy, I mention them on at least one of these sites (links open in a new window):  (1) this page;  (2) my Facebook page for genealogy, 'Judy Webster Genealogy';  (3) 'JudyQld'. If a pop-up window appears, just close it or press 'Esc' on your keyboard.

Current Offers

Take advantage of these specials while they last, and watch for other discounts and freebies to be listed here in the future. Links open in new windows.

  • To celebrate the release of Victoria's coastal passenger lists 1852-1924, all 70 million Australian and New Zealand records on FindMyPast are FREE for 4 days (ending 11:59pm AEST 29 Aug 2016).

  • If you have British or Irish ancestors but none in Australia, there's an offer for you too. Until 11.59pm BST on 27 Aug 2016, new subscribers can get 33% off any local subscription plan (monthly or annual) at FindMyPast's British and Irish sites. Terms and conditions are on each page:
  • Many family historians now use special DNA tests in conjunction with traditional genealogy research. FamilyTreeDNA (the company I use, and the one recommended by experts) has a sale ending 31 August. Their Family Finder test (suitable for both males and females) is currently only USD$69 instead of the usual $99. This is a one-time fee, with no subscription required.

  • During August 2016 (National Family History Month) you will receive $2 credit for every $10 you spend on copies of original Archives records that I've indexed (check the 53,000 names on my Web site) if you quote the code 'NFHM.S' when you send me your order. That credit can be used for copies, research or publications ordered between 1st September 2016 and 31st July 2017.

  • Barrier Reef cruise group: my handouts.   If you were on Unlock the Past's Barrier Reef genealogy conference/cruise (March 6th-13th) and want a free copy of the handouts from my first two talks, email me at Image of email address (that address is shown as an image) quoting your name and town as they appeared in the '11th Unlock the Past cruise group' list.

  • Get $40 discount when you book on any 'Unlock the Past' genealogy cruise quoting code UTPC-WEB06. (This discount applies long-term, and for any cruise listed on that site.)

Recent offers that have now ended:  50% off at FindMyPast and the British Newspaper Archive; free access to LostCousins and some records on Ancestry; free access to Swedish records, Scotland's Catholic Parish Register indexes, and various other sites.

Will Books 1800-1952:  My tips for searching this magnificent online collection have been moved to UK/Australia Genealogy.

Use the ChangeDetection button below ('Click here') to be notified when I list new offers from FindMyPast, Ancestry, British Newspaper Archive, The Genealogist, Legacy Family Tree, NSW certificate transcriptions, LostCousins etc, and from my own Web site:

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