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Cunnamulla and South-West Queensland:
Newspaper Scrapbook Index

Most of the names below are from two Cunnamulla newspapers, the Cunnamulla Watchman and Western Sun, but from selected editions only. The notices were pasted into a scrapbook, and I am creating an index to the names mentioned (residents of Cunnamulla, Eulo, Thargomindah, Wyandra etc., and other people with connections to those areas). Most of these notices refer to deaths, funerals, obituaries, In Memoriam, probate, transmission of real estate by death etc., but there are also a few other items that may be useful for genealogy. I can supply photocopies of the newspaper notices.

The names below, from scrapbook pages 18-25, were in newspapers from various dates during 1983 - 1984. An index to notices in the Cunnamulla Watchman 1931-1932 (to 12 Oct) & 1938-1942 also exists (see South-west Qld Index Searches).

Names beginning with 'Mc' precede other 'M' surnames. Apostrophes have been removed from names such as O'BRIEN.

BALL Nat, p.20
BECKMAN Margaret, p.25
BETTS Em, p.20
BETTS Eva Lily May, p.20
BRADLEY Damien Caleb, p.18
BRADLEY Damien Caleb, p.20
BROWNHALLS Jessica Norma, p.23
BUDGEN Kate Violet Anne, p.23
Order copies

CAMPBELL Les, p.20
CARGILL Beth, p.19
CARGILL Percy, p.19
CONNOR Jeff, p.24
CRAWLEY Tanya, p.22
CRUMMY Kate, p.25
CUFFE Desmond David, p.20
CUFFE Tom, p.20
CURLEY Nancy Grace, p.23
Order copies

DUFF Dan, p.21
DUFF Frank, p.21
DUFF Paul, p.21
DUNSHEA Bell, p.20
Order copies

ESSEX Denise, p.18
ESSEX Jeffrey, p.18
ETHER Pam, p.21
Order copies

FALKNAU Geoff, p.21
FALKNAU Jenny, p.21
FALKNAU Sara-May, p.21
FERGUSON Betty (nee HEARN), p.25
FITZGERALD Sherry, p.21
FROST Desmond, p.18
FROST Kerry, p.18
FROST Margaret, p.18
FROST Mary, p.18
FROST Ray, p.18
FROST Wayne, p.18
Order copies

GALL Janevieve Mary, p.19
GARDINER John, p.25
GARDINER Kathryn, p.25
GARDINER Michael, p.25
GEPPERT Kevin, p.21
Order copies

HAIG Scott, p.21
HALVORSON Dave, p.25
HALVORSON Frank, p.25
HALVORSON Fred, p.25
HALVORSON Isabel Martha, p.25
HALVORSON Isobel, p.25
HALVORSON Joseph, p.25
HALVORSON Margaret, p.25
HALVORSON Noel, p.25
HEARN Allan, p.19
HEARN Betty, p.25
HEARN Glady, p.25
HEARN Glady Margaret, p.25
HEARN Jeff, p.25
HEARN Joan, p.25
HEARN Lorraine, p.25
HEARN Mick, p.25
HICKEY Beth, p.19
HICKEY Bryan, p.19
HOGAN Andy, p.20
HOGAN Caroline, p.20
HORNE Brian, p.20
HORNE Deborah, p.20
HORNE Dorothy Mary, p.20
HORNE Dorothy Mary, p.25
HORNE Kevin Oswald, p.20
HORNE Kevin Oswald, p.25
HORNE Laura Amelia (Barney), p.24
HORNE Susan, p.20
HORNE Wayne, p.20
Order copies

JOHNSON Betty, p.19
JOHNSON Marjorie, p.19
JOHNSON Valentine, p.19
Order copies

KALQUIST Isobel, p.25
Order copies

LANCASHIRE Debbie, p.22
LAND Rene, p.18
LARKINS Bill, p.21
LARKINS Elsie, p.18
LARKINS Harry, p.18
LARKINS Jenny, p.21
LARKINS Maude, p.18
LITTLE Jeff, p.21
Order copies

McBRIDE C, p.19
McBRIDE Dianne, p.19
McBRIDE Greg, p.19
McDONALD Kathleen Dorothy, p.23
McDONALD Sharon, p.23
McLACHLAN Cheryl, p.25
McLACHLAN Ken, p.25
McLAREN Nyrelle, p.22
Order copies

MACGREGOR Angela, p.25
MACGREGOR Bevan, p.25
MACGREGOR Duncan, p.25
MACGREGOR Kylie, p.25
MACGREGOR Sylvia, p.25
MANTHEY Geoffrey, p.23
MARSHALL Edward, p.18
MARTIN Denise, p.18
MARTIN John Henry (Jack), p.18
MILLS E, p.23
MILLS Warwick, p.23
MOBBS Lorraine (nee HEARN), p.25
MORCOM Darryl, p.22
MORCOM Jim, p.22
MUNRO Ken, p.18
MURPHY Catherine Thompson, p.24
MURPHY Evelyn, p.25
MURPHY John Thomas, p.25
MURR, p.18
Order copies

NEWSHAM Derry, p.21
NEWSHAM Katrina, p.21
NEWSHAM Tony, p.21
NICHOLSON Joan (nee HEARN), p.25
NIND Bob, p.21
NIND Jan, p.21
NIND Suzanne, p.21
Order copies

OBRIEN Bert, p.24
OBRIEN David, p.21
OBRIEN Emily, p.24
OBRIEN Herbert Alexander, p.24
OBRIEN Mervyn, p.24
OSBORNE Colin, p.25
OSBORNE Mick (see OSBORNE Ruben), p.25
OSBORNE Ruben (Mick), p.25
OSBORNE Stan, p.25
Order copies

PAGET Frank, p.23
PAGET Sybil, p.23
PEARSE C R, p.23
PEARSE Grace, p.23
PEARSE Nancy Grace, p.23
PERRY Janet, p.21
PESKETT Ann-Marie, p.21
PESKETT Bill, p.21
PESKETT Charles Hugh, p.19
PESKETT Mary, p.21
PESKETT Susie, p.21
POLLARD Kate, p.25
POLLARD Tom, p.25
POWELL Lorraine, p.18
Order copies

RANKIN Ross, p.20
RATTRAY Jane Louise, p.20
RATTRAY Kathryn, p.20
RATTRAY Kathryn, p.25
RATTRAY Tom, p.20
RATTRAY Tom, p.25
REIBELT Don, p.19
REIBELT Donna, p.19
REIBELT Judy, p.19
REIBELT Scott, p.19
RICKETTS Jackie, p.20
RICKETTS John, p.20
Order copies

SADLIER Helen, p.20
SHAW Felicity, p.23
SHAW Helen, p.23
SHAW Jim, p.23
SHAW Murray, p.23
SHAW Richard, p.23
SHEPPARD Doug, p.18
SHEPPARD Maude, p.18
SMITH Amy, p.20
SMITH Carolyn, p.19
SMITH Grace-Anne, p.19
SMITH Hamilton, p.19
SMITH Jonathon, p.19
SMITH June, p.19
SMITH June Audrey Rose, p.19
SMITH Ollie, p.20
SMITH Prudence, p.19
SMITH William Stanley, p.19
STAFFORD Elizabeth, p.18
STAFFORD Rene, p.18
SUMMERS Dianne, p.19
SUMMERS Kevin, p.19
Order copies

THOMAS Avis, p.20
THOMAS Geoffrey George, p.24
THOMAS Isaac George, p.24
THOMPSON Michelle, p.21
THORNTON Russel, p.21
TONKIN Alma Eunice, p.19
TONKIN Angus Carter, p.20
TONKIN Barbara, p.20
TONKIN Bell, p.20
TONKIN Bob, p.20
TONKIN Christine Adamson, p.20
TONKIN Don, p.20
TONKIN Ian, p.19
TONKIN Ian, p.20
TONKIN Jack, p.18
TONKIN Jack, p.19
TONKIN Jessie, p.20
TONKIN Judy, p.19
TONKIN Linton, p.20
TONKIN Patricia, p.20
TONKIN Tony, p.19
TONKIN Yvonne, p.19
TUITE Paul Maxwell, p.20
TUITE Peter Burlton, p.20
TUITE Violet Mary, p.20
Order copies

WAITES Aubrey Clem, p.18
WALTERS Barbara, p.20
WALTERS Caroline, p.20
WALTERS Glady, p.25
WALTERS Robert, p.20
WARNER Jessie, p.20
WARNER Nicholas, p.21
WAUGH Jason, p.21
WAUGH Natalie, p.21
WEST Barry, p.22
WEST Susan, p.22
WIDGELL Nancy, p.23
WILSON Rita, p.18
WINTEN Brock, p.20
WISE Sybil, p.23
WOODHAM Betty Ann, p.25
WOODHAM Clement Norbert, p.25
WOODHAM Colin Norbert, p.19
WOODHAM Daphne Amelia, p.25
WOODHAM Glenis Kay, p.25
Order copies

YOUNG Bob, p.19
YOUNG Douglas Euston, p.25
YOUNG Eileen, p.25
YOUNG Glenda, p.25
YOUNG Harley, p.19
YOUNG Kim, p.25
YOUNG Norman, p.19
YOUNG Peter, p.25
YOUNG Rene, p.19
YOUNG Scott, p.25
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Other suggestions

Copying service. Allow several weeks for a reply (I am often away for family reasons).

As a professional genealogist, I charge a fee to supply photocopies of the original newspaper clippings. Note the page number beside each name, then count how many different pages you want.

* If you live in Australia: one page $7, extra pages $3 each (including postage).

* If you live overseas: one page $10, extra pages $3 each (including postage).

$See how to send requests and payment.

Other Suggestions

More indexes for south-west Queensland.

Outback Story (a historical account of life in outback Queensland in the early to mid 1900s).

My other genealogy sites have additional advice and names.

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