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DNA Tests for Genealogy

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DNA tests have now become an important tool for genealogy. I will gradually expand this page by adding more links to recommended reading, my personal tips about DNA tests, and announcements about discounts offered by the various testing companies. Links open in a new window.

I've done two tests, and I intend to do a third soon:

Those companies all use autosomal DNA, which is passed down through both male and female lines, so anyone can do the test. The results have already put me in touch with several new relatives (ranging from a 2nd cousin to a 4th cousin once removed), and there are many others whose relationship has yet to be confirmed by conventional genealogical research.

Saving money on DNA tests

DNA testing companies periodically offer discounts. When I hear about them, I list them on Genealogy Discounts and Freebies. Until the end of August, save 20% or more on select DNA tests from Family Tree DNA.

Family Tree DNA Friends & Family Sale

DNA Tips

  • Test older relatives as well as yourself. Some of my 4th cousins share enough DNA with my uncle to be listed as a match with him, but not with me.

  • The more relatives you test, the easier it will be to figure out where your other (initially unknown) matches fit into your family tree.

  • Check your account settings, especially for AncestryDNA. I decided NOT to give consent for participation in the Ancestry Human Diversity Project (ie, I didn't tick that box); and I suggest that you read Update in AncestryDNA Research Consent by Judy Russell (The Legal Genealogist).

  • If you do the AncestryDNA test, upload the results to FamilyTreeDNA and Gedmatch (it's free, and you'll find additional matches and their email addresses).

  • Before you contact your matches, read Tips and Tricks for Contact Success.

Books about DNA

My favourite online bookshop (with free shipping worldwide) is The Book Depository. You could also try Booktopia or Abe Books.

Online articles about DNA

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