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What's New?

This site uses terms that appear in historical records. No offence is intended.

23 May 2022
  • When you contact me at either of my business email addresses, you'll receive an immediate automated acknowledgement, and later a personal response. It is your responsibility to add BOTH addresses to your Contacts and to your Whitelists, Safe Senders lists, etc, and to regularly check spam/junk/trash folders, 'promotions' and other tabs.

  • WARNING!  (1) If you contact me from a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Live or MSN address (where my reply often goes into a 'black hole'), you *must* also give me an alternative email address so that I can reply to both addresses; and you must check spam etc as explained above. If you ask me to re-send my emails, you will be billed for the extra time involved.  (2) If Gmail adds an alert to my emails (eg, 'could not verify...' that it was actually sent by me), ignore it.

4 Dec 2021
  • Genealogy Discounts and Freebies has been updated again, with a prize draw (entries close 7 Dec) for three Findmypast 12-month Pro subscriptions, and discounts on certificates for NSW and Victoria.

  • NOTE!  I usually supply copies of documents as digital images that you can download via Dropbox (which you can also use as an offsite backup). I email you the download link and instructions. One month later, the link expires and files are deleted, unless you've previously requested extra time.
23 Nov 2021
  • I added more names to the 'Illegitimate Index', which is compiled from 18 series of records where I've found the name of the biological father of an illegitimate child. The index has names from all over Australia, plus a few women from overseas. Before you check the names, read (very carefully) the explanation at the top of the page, and (near the end of the page) 'Other Suggestions' and 'Research/Copying Service'. In late 2020 I made huge changes to that copying service.

  • Use it or lose it! Some of my copying services will probably be available only until the end of this month (November 2021). Others will continue, but prices may increase. Now is the time to thoroughly check the 70,000 names from historical records, and order copies of any original documents that interest you (as explained at the end of each list of names).

  • If you subscribed to my free genealogy newsletter, the 15 Nov 2021 edition went to either your Inbox or Spam/Junk (or, in Gmail, other tabs such as Promotions). A new edition will be emailed on 27 Nov 2021. If you're no longer interested, click the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the email.

  • I recently spent several days editing the source code for this Web site. The changes should make the pages more mobile-friendly. If there's a page that doesn't work well on a mobile device, please tell me the URL and what the problem is. I've also changed the header on most pages to include (above the logo) a link to a page that I use and recommend. Some of those links open in a new window, and some send you away from my site.
17 Oct 2021
  • Today I added 200+ names to the Insanity and Unsound Mind lists. About 30% of these new entries are for people in Central Queensland. Many of the original records state the medical reason for admission; and many are for people who were only in an institution for a few weeks.
January to June 2021 Nov 2020
  • Last month I made significant changes to 40 of my Favourite Genealogy Indexes / Sources (I removed some suggestions and links, and added new ones).

  • My Web site now has names from two admission registers for Roma Hospital. Some places of residence, as shown in the registers, were hundreds of kilometres away. Many patients were children. Birthplace statistics are also interesting. About 31% of patients were born overseas and 18% were born in a State other than Queensland.

  • (This is one of the most significant changes that I've ever made.) Today I added new, cheaper options (starting at $5) for obtaining information from my Insanity and Unsound Mind index.

  • The new options mentioned above are available for a trial period. If they prove popular (and don't make my life a misery as I wind down towards retirement), I may introduce something similar for other indexes.

  • In an attempt to make things easier for my customers, I've changed the Web page about my genealogy mini-guides.
Sept 2020

Even without Covid-19, recent months have seen considerable upheaval in my life - but I've made a few additions and updates to my Website:

June 2020
  • Added more names to Photos and Sketches of People. The images (found in various archival record series) are accompanied by biographical or historical details. Birth places of those people include the UK, Ireland, western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Italy, South Africa, Czechoslovakia etc.
May 2020
  • Added more names to the Missing Friends page. The original records have superb details for family history.
Aug 2019
  • Some of my indexes are now available as e-books (PDF format; $3 each):

    • Index to Eventide (Sandgate, Qld) Registers of Deaths 1954-1959
    • Index to Persons Arrested and Victims of Crime, Qld: Charters Towers pre-1900
    • Index to Persons Arrested and Victims of Crime, Qld: Cloncurry pre-1900
Feb 2019
  • Added more names of Neglected Children. The list includes children from Queensland and other States.
Nov 2018
  • I've completed my 'in progress' indexes for mental asylum patients, and I've also indexed several additional sources. One source that I'd previously overlooked has (for about 1,000 people) details of the circumstances leading up to admission to a mental asylum (information that is often difficult to find). All of my existing 'insanity' indexes, plus 10,000 new entries, have been combined to create one huge index. The list is on my Web site as Insanity and Unsound Mind. Please read my explanatory notes very carefully. You may also be interested in the reasons for this change.
Oct 2018
  • If you use Facebook and want to see my posts about family history, you now need to Like/Follow my Judy Webster Genealogy page (not my personal profile).
Jan 2018
  • Muttaburra Hospital admission registers: added patients' names from late 1928 and early 1929 (which are not in the index that I published in book form).

  • Files about repayment of fares: added several names. Many applicants were travelling from one Australian State to another, but some were going to or from New Zealand, Canada, Britain, India etc. If you're researching someone who 'disappeared', these files may provide the clue you need.
Oct 2017
  • Prison records: more names added, and 2 links added to 'Other Suggestions' near the end of the page.
Aug 2017 July 2017 Jan 2017 June 2016
  • The page Privacy, Copyright and Sharing: Tips for Genealogy has been updated with (1) a link to The Legal Genealogist's article 'Blurring the Lines', and (2) the National Genealogical Society's new guidelines for sharing information with others.
Dec 2015
  • More names added from my index to headstones on graves in Eulo cemetery.
Nov 2015
  • More names added from Police Gazettes, including some very unusual names.
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Apr 2015 Sep 2014
  • There has been a huge amount of interest in my latest article, 'Use FreeBMD postems to find new relatives'.  It describes a simple strategy that has worked for me, so if any of your relatives were born, married or died in England or Wales from 1837 onwards, it may work for you too.
Feb 2014 July 2013 June 2013
  • My 'Queensland Genealogy' blog now has a section (in the sidebar) called 'Categories' (BDMs, Hidden treasures, Indexes, People (names), Places, Sources, Tips, Warnings, Websites). Click a category to see a page with all posts on that topic. See also the complete list of keywords at the bottom of that page.

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Why I use and recommend Findmypast

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